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You are a spiritual being...

Having a human experience...

I meet many people going through a spiritual awakening. This can come in many different forms, but essentially it’s an upleveling and upgrading from one awareness to another. It’s a form of our own personal development. Many people who experience a spiritual awakening go through a stage of disappointment, sadness, confusion about the world they live in, about the truths they are told by society, family and friends and come to a place of despondency.

When this happens, they can often not want to be here on planet Earth and wish to go someplace else that feels more like home. Some people resonate with the term ‘Starseed’, where you feel like you’re from another planet. But even if not, they may feel like they belong somewhere else.

Someone experiencing a spiritual awakening may feel disconnected from the people in their life and feel like they can’t talk to their friends and family about how they feel and the things they have learnt. They may feel like what they are doing is useless and hopeless. They may feel they have no direction and everything they built in their life was a lie. They may not know where to go where they feel seen, heard and understood.

If this is you, and you feel these things and like you are having a spiritual awakening - then I am here to give you some support and advice…

It’s important to remember that you are a spiritual and energetic being having a human experience. This means that after you process your new awareness via this awakening, it’s important to stay grounded, to start to understand that you incarnated here on Earth as a human for a reason. The overarching reason is so you can learn and experience what it is like as a physical human.

What it’s like to experience pleasure and pain (physical, emotional, mental)

You’re here to understand how to navigate planet Earth in the physical plane, and the rules of nature.

You’re here to understand emotion, feelings, bodily sensations and functions. What it means to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body.

You’re here to understand and navigate the complications of human relationships.

To work through contracts and Karma - when we do this for soul growth.

You are here for many reasons, but you’re here to be human, and to share your uniques gifts and frequencies with this world.

So when you spiritually awaken/ open your mind and awareness, move through your despair by anchoring in that you are meant to be here. When you cry to the stars and ask to be taken somewhere better, somewhere with more love, care - somewhere that feels like home, know that your soul will find its way back to where you feel is home. But right now, in this present moment you are meant to be incarnated at the beautiful human being that you are. Having this human experience, Warts and all.

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