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Work with me

Online and in person sessions.

In person sessions held in Epworth, Doncaster

"I had 10 wonderful online sessions & 1 face-to-face session .

She is a powerful healer... I reached out to her at a difficult time in my life & she helped me rediscover my light

She facilitated peace & calm in each of our sessions. 

l felt so safe and secure with her and trusted her completely.

I experienced tarot card readings, sound baths, shamanic healing, soul retrieval and more."

Leanne L

Healing Sessions

There’s 3 ways to work with me on a 1-2-1 level.

Each way offers a deeper level of support, where we get to peel back the layers and create positive lasting change in your life.

The outcome of these sessions is to clear away negative energy that's affecting your life (such as anxiety, heartache, low self worth, depression & insomnia), recover & reintegrate energy that's been lost in trauma, & re-energise you so you can feel a sense of inner peace & emotional freedom in your every day life.

This can look like:

  • Feeling lighter, clearer & more focused.

  • Sleeping better, less or no anxiety.

  • Able to release emotions safely.

  • Finding your voice to communicate clearly in an aligned way.

  • Confidence in yourself & life.

  • Trust in the universe.

When you come to see me for healing sessions, I connect intuitively to see what is best suited to your requirements at this time.


My healing sessions can combine Shamanic healing, sound healing, accessing the Akashic records, Chakra Balancing, Tarot reading, and Reiki.

Learn more about the types of healing I offer here:

There are 3 options:

Single Inner Peace Healing Session

90 mins of healing  £111

Energetic Reset

3 x 75 mins sessions


(contact me for a payment plan)

The benefits of choosing a longer package of sessions is that you create positive change in your life that lasts. We can work on the deeper layers of healing, to really get to the root cause of your challenges rather than just dealing with the immediate negative effects.

Heal Your Inner Critic

8 x 75 min healing sessions

An 8 week 1-2-1 online healing programme for women who want to find their voice to transform their relationships in career and personal life.

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