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Work with me

Online and in person sessions.

In person sessions held in Epworth (Doncaster) or Leeds

"I had 10 wonderful online sessions & 1 face-to-face session .

She is a powerful healer... I reached out to her at a difficult time in my life & she helped me rediscover my light

She facilitated peace & calm in each of our sessions. 

l felt so safe and secure with her and trusted her completely."

Leanne L

121 Healing

Heal you're inner critic, take control of your life!
Release that little nasty voice inside your head!

Do you dream of a quiet mind? Instead of the constant chatter and negative self talk?

To be able to speak your mind, instead of changing what you say incase you offend or feel criticism from others.


Do you experience anxiety, and try to manage that by making sure you're nice and agreeable to everyone, but deep down you know you are not being yourself?


Do you experience a little voice in your head that talks to you like sh*t but you don't know how to stop it?

Do you edit yourself in all areas of life, and suspect you don't really know yourself?

Do you often feel a tightness in your throat?

It's time to heal the critic inside, to banish the little gremlin that keeps you anxious, so you can stop playing small and express yourself without fear!

Healing the inner critic, so it does not have a hold over you anymore paves the way for you to find your true authentic voice which leads to:


Ask for that promotion.

Speak up in room without blushing.

Have harmonious relationships in your life.

Be able to articulate your feelings to your partner.

Share your truth with confidence.

Say goodbye to people pleasing.

Make your own choices in life, not what's expected of you from family & friends.

Release fear of judgement.

Really love yourself.


"Tasha is such a powerful healer.  I can not only feel energy shifts, but my attitude and vibration is totally different. I had a very cloudy mind before starting with Tasha but now not only do I have clarity, but also this fearlessness energy and unconditional trust in the universe. Highly highly recommend!" Ashima K

What would it mean to you to be able to make decisions based on what brings you joy and what you desire instead of operating from a place of fear?

How would it feel to be able to be authentic as f*ck?

My unique healing process combining shamanic healing, sound healing, energy work & confidence building techniques. Not only will you find your voice, and release the inner critic but you will be able to feel authentically you - and understand who you are.

"To say Tasha is incredible at what she does would be an understatement. Our work together has been transformative for my life and she held each session with such care and attentiveness. I highly recommend working with her." Elisabeth M

121 healing sessions with me will help you:


Share your truth with confidence.

Stand in your power, stand up for yourself.

Not fear conflict - yet be able to keep the peace.

Articulate your feelings without a meltdown.

Be able to manage overwhelm.

Be authentically you, without feeling ashamed.

Feel safe communicating with your partner.

Give less f*cks yet still feel compassion.

So, how would it feel to actually be able to stand up in a room full of people and speak up without being nervous?

Work with me: Connect, Become, Express

Are you ready to banish your inner critic, express your voice and be authentic without fear?

Let me take you there!

There’s 3 ways to work with me on a 1-2-1 level.

Each way offers a deeper level of support, where we get to peel back the layers and create positive lasting change in your life. The benefits of choosing a longer package of sessions is that you create positive change in your life that lasts. We can work on the deeper layers of healing, to really get to the root cause of your challenges rather than just dealing with the immediate negative effects.

To find out more, book a free consultation. 

​My healing sessions can combine Shamanic healing, sound healing, accessing the Akashic records, light language, voice activation, Chakra Balancing, Tarot reading, and Reiki.

Learn more about the types of healing I offer here:

Healing sessions are either held online, or in person depending on your location. I can see in person clients in Leeds or Epworth, doncaster. The outcome in the same, no matter how the sessions are held.

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