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Spiritual Alignment retreat & training

A 2 day exploration of shamanic practice, energy healing & emotional freedom, in a beautiful rural setting. 

Join us for a 2 day energetic cleansing, activation and expansion of your spiritual self with likeminded souls.

"The most incredible experience, of my life!" - Dianne S

Let me ask you...

Do you wish to deepen your spiritual connection?

Are you spiritually curious and  keen to deepen your connection to spirit and the universe?

Are you curious to know who your spirit guides are?

This is for you if you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice, & have fun with it.


Connect with like minded people in nature and experience a deep energetic reset, then learn how to connect with spirit safely.


Meet your spirit guides, learn how to interpret their messages. Explore your past lives and the lessons you can take from them. Learn hands on energy healing and how to energetically heal yourself.

On this retreat you will experience:

  • Learn to safely Shamanic Journey

  • Techniques to raise your vibration

  • Light Code Activation & Healing

  • Sacred Cacao Sound Bath

  • Energy healing attunement and upgrades

  • Fire ceremony

  • Nourishing Food

  • Time in nature

  • Connection, Community

  • Back to nature camping experience

This is for you if:

  • You’re spiritually curious & keen to go further with your spiritual practice.

  • You’re on a healing journey and drawn to energy healing.

  • You’re ready to start taking action and start learning ways to empower yourself.

  • You feel spiritual but not know where to start.

  • You feel you’ve had a spiritual awakening and looking for a helping hand to guide you to the next stage of your journey.

  • You’re looking for ways to connect with your own intuition.

  • You’d like to open up your third eye chakra, and connect to your clairvoyance abilities.

  • You're craving time with nature

This is your opportunity to switch off and reconnect with your spiritual self.

This is an in person retreat and 'back to nature' camping accommodation is provided - but you will need to bring your own tent. 

Lunch and refreshments provided each day. 


Saturday 29th Sunday 30th June 2024

Location: Hibaldstow, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 9BF

This retreat will facilitate your spiritual growth in a positive, safe and caring environment - in a beautiful location in nature. 

If you would like to attend retreats later in the year:

July 27th - 28th Click here for details and booking:

Aug 24th- 25th Click here for details and booking:

"Wow! Just Wow! The Spiritual Alignment Retreat with Tasha and Chris was amazing! I loved it!
Packed full of fabulous exercises to do and healings/activation received. I enjoyed every minute! It was like a sweetie box where you got the opportunity to try lots of different energy experiences. It was lovely to be in a non-judgemental environment with like-minded people. Tasha and Chris held a safe, loving, respectful space for everyone to be heard.
I'm now moving forward to explore the sweetie box further with Tasha and Chris, thanks to this experience. Thankyou both so much! I thoroughly recommend this retreat to everyone who feels drawn to it!" - Steph B


The Investment:

£ 333 


About the hosts & facilitators


Hello Beautiful light being, We are Tasha & Chris

Tasha is a modern spiritual healer and shamanic alchemist.


"As a spiritual healer I help people who are no longer willing to be held back by their stuck emotions and past baggage to be guided through an alchemical healing journey that clears out energetic density and shows them how to live a life full of freedom.

I was plagued by anxiety, stress and low self esteem in my own life. Like many people, I thought an exuberant life was reserved for other people, until I found sound healing and Shamanism and reconnected with my lifelong love of tarot reading and astrology.

The process I take my clients through mirrors what I experienced, which is why I am so committed to spreading the message that living with inner peace IS possible.

When I learnt that a deep distrust with myself was keeping me from living harmoniously I dedicated my life to helping the open-minded and spiritually curious to heal and facilitate their emotional, energetic and spiritual freedom, so they can claim their own power back."


Chris is a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Analytical Hypnotherapist & Shamanic Practitioner.  Chris is the founder and owner of Developlink and Wellbeing-link.

"I started my healing journey in 2009 when I first sought help for stress, anxiety & depression.  Working in the software development industry & becoming Head of Software Development for a market leading healthcare software provider managing a team of 65. 

Anxiety and stress was a great driver to succeed (which I later understood was born out of self-worth issues) but I used food and alcohol as a coping mechanism.  In my mid 20’s I discovered running as part of a drive to become healthier but sought out extreme events for more self-validation & to combat the ever-increasing stress & anxiety as my career progressed; Marathon’s, Triathlon, Ironman, hiking challenges.  Ultimately the coping mechanisms were putting more strain on my body and illness, injury’s and work stress started to take their toll. 

My journey to healing started with Yoga which led me to a regular meditation practice. I discovered Reiki, after just one session knew I needed to learn how to give Reiki myself.  The Reiki healings opened me up to spiritual experiences in & out of meditation and led to spiritual development training.  My journey led to me healing through Analytical Hypnotherapy, then learning the practice myself and ultimately forming Developlink.  

Learning Shamanic practice cemented my journey as a healer; alongside Reiki and Analytical hypnotherapy to help people find their sense of purpose & being in life."

Client testimonials:

"Tasha and Chris are absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of joining their retreat this weekend just gone and it was the most magical, transformational weekend I have ever had. Tasha and Chris hold the most beautiful safe space for everyone to express themselves freely, to be held, seen and heard. Their energy is so pure and I truly felt welcomed and loved in their presence. Their work is second to none! They are amazing at what they do and they want the very best for you. I honestly can't wait to connect further with them in the future. I would highly recommend."

Kirsty Ellis

"I attended a Spiritual Attunement weekend with Tasha and Chris. It was an amazing experience, and I learnt so much about Shamanic healing, and how to incorporate it in my spiritual journey. A jam packed weekend of mind blowing and enlightening practises."

Andrea Hardman

"I had a Twin Flame Healing with Tasha & Chris and it was awesome.  They are both highly competent shamanic practitioners. Chris is also an excellent hypnotherapist with many years experience so I knew I was in safe hands with them both.  The healing I received was felt strongly on all levels and I can't remember being so relaxed in such a long time and I completely zoned out for the entire session.  Tasha exudes authenticity, connection and  wisdom and her sound healing was such a sublime experience.
I cannot recommend Tasha & Chris enough! Thank you :)"

Marie Johnson

"Tasha held me in a safe & welcoming space that invited surrender into each of our sessions together. Her intuitive approach combined with her wisdom, generosity & nurturance created a unique & powerful experience. Each sound bath was rich with layers of energetic healing, & the voice activation practice liberated my throat chakra. It was unforgettable & transformative sound healing journey"

Rebecca Moore

"Highly recommend Chris, with his empathetic, trusting, non-judgmental manner emitting warmth and guidance allowing oneself to open up. Just had an incredible 8 week journey with Chris on the analytical hypnotherapy course! Wow is an understatement. Thank you, truly!"

Miss M


Q: Do I need to know anything about Shamanism or spirituality to join this retreat?

A: No, you do not need to know anything about Shamanism & spirituality to join this retreat. 

Q: is there accommodation?

A: Not this time, its 2 day retreats. Starting at 9:30 and ending by 5pm. But if you need accommodation recommends do reach out on the contact form below.

Q: Whats the food situation?

A: Lunch and refreshments provided.

Got more questions? Contact me below!

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