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How to discern anxiety with intuition

Sometimes our brains can feel like a lonely place, especially when we get the spiralling thoughts that take us to the pit of doom... that place where it feels like all thoughts lead to worse case scenario/ end of days... then follows the tightening of the throat, that leads to heart racing and short breaths...


How can we tell if this is us having a 'premonition' or or intuition warning us?


This can be the fear within the fear. But if we can identify whats a fear thats unfounded on truth, or reality - or our intuition and higher self?


Here's how you can tell...


A fear/ worry and anxiety will usually be accompanied by an incomplete thought, and a spiralling into worse case scenarios. Its your subconscious trying to keep you safe by pushing the fears out to stop you from experiencing said fear..


If you're intuition and higher self/ spirit guides are communicating with you, the energy and the experience will be very different. You will probably get a knowing, an awareness, and understanding which may be accompanied by a feeling (usually joy/ excitement or something similar) but it will usually be rooted in some grounded-ness. You're higher self is not in the business of scaring you or freaking you out. If there's a warning coming through, you'll just know that something isn't feeling in alignment. Depending on what the situation is, you may be drawn on another path or get a grounded knowing to change course. It won't be like the feeling of anxiety. Because our ego self will work in the frequency of anxiety and worry.


Anxiety and worry, by its very nature is the feeling of distrust and not feeling 'in control', not trusting all will work out - and often is connected with us not feeling capable of handling whatever situation may arise.


Our higher self guides us into trust, surrender and taking grounded action.


So, next time you feel that spiral, that slip into the worst case scenario (and that feeling in your chest, throat and tummy arrives) ask your self these questions:


Is it true?

How can i navigate this with kindness?

How can I show my subconscious, my nervous system and my inner child that I am safe?


Start noticing when your clear knowing, grounded understandings and awareness drops in, start to see the difference. This is how to work with your higher self & guides - which leads to less anxiety and ultimately a happy mind!

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