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How can sound healing help heal from past trauma?

Firstly, what is sound healing?

Sound healing is the use of sounds, vibrations and frequencies to facilitate healing. It can help in many ways but essentially it helps realign and shift your frequency. This can look like signaling to your nervous system you’re safe by completing the stress cycle in your body so you release physical anxiety, or allowing the body to release trapped emotion or muscle relaxation - to name just a few benefits.

There’s many instruments that get used in sound healing but the most well known are singing bowls, gongs, drums, native flute, chimes, bells, handpans.

When played well by a trained practitioner, just listening to the frequencies of sound healing can help release emotion, energy and the residue of past trauma or experiencing it in the physical but really just listening to it is enough to help.

It works by something called entrainment, which is where weaker energy is attracted to stronger energy. The weaker energetic force will align to the stronger force. The vibrations from the sound healing is the stronger force of energy, and trapped emotion in the body is the weaker force, so the sound healing energy will transmute the emotion, which leads to us being able to release the trapped emotion - which will make us feel better, lighter and clearer. Our bodies are vessels for energy and any blockage will cause distortion in the body and if left, can then transform into more serious health issues for us.

The throat chakra is the energy centre in your throat. Many people- sadly a lot of women from my experience- suffer here. We get energy blockages in the throat from not speaking up, not speaking our truth or even when we are speaking but we feel we are being ignored. Energy needs to flow and when we stop the flow of emotions or our words it's a real forcing of energy. For example when you feel tears coming and you swallow them down it’s a very physical constriction which can cause a lot of damage. If you’re someone who is not speaking up- or you don’t have a safe space to be honest this can manifest as trauma in the throat area (such as constant sore throats, tightness and neck pain or even thyroid issues). I see a lot of people who have been in emotionally abusive relationships, and toxic social environments and everything they need to express gets shut down and it’s all stored in the throat.

The negative narrative ‘nice girls don’t get angry’ stops us from expressing our sacred rage and therefore it gets forced down. Like stifling a fire. It will burn inward. I believe this to be the root of a lot of autoimmunity diseases- suppressed anger. Sadly we see this in a lot of women. Their anger has no safe place to flow, so it gets internalised and then burns inside themselves. You can say this for most emotions actually - that the internalisation of emotions creates physical issues. It's sort of a form of self harm if you think about it. This process applies to anywhere in the body, you can have blockages anywhere, not just the throat.

So how can sound healing help this?

Well if you come and see me for a sound healing (online or in person) I direct the sound and energy to the areas of issue (even if you don’t know where these issues are, I can tune in and find them) so that entrainment can take place, and the healing vibrations can do their work and transmute the distortions out of your body. Sometimes you’ll just feel this energy move through your body - but the more deeper rooted blockages may need you to physically release them yourself. This may look like screaming, crying, yawning or coughing. But when you’re with me in a healing session I am holding you safely to be able to release this. Once the releasing has happened you are likely to feel relief. It is usually very freeing and liberating to be able to release like this, and often doesn’t need you to go into and analyze the trauma that caused it.

Sound healing is a science and medicine of the past, and i believe also our future. Its so good to help as a preventative health measure. If you feel called to try this with me, hit the bottom below to book in a call with me to discuss options for your healing.

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