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What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides and power animals are intrinsic to shamanism, but what are they and how are they helping you - now?

Spirit guides are beings in the spiritual realms that are connected with you, and help, protect, support and guide you in your everyday life. Yes, YOU have a whole team of beings in the spiritual realms. They love you unconditionally and are supporting you even if you don't believe or know about them. If you actively connect with them and speak to them (in your head or out load) they can take even bigger roles in your life to help you - but they need your permission to help you directly because of free will, but even if you don't know they exist, they are always by your side.

They are basically light, energy and frequency, but take certain forms for us to understand them, and they're connection to us. So, what forms can they take?

How do they help?

It's important to note that this is all information I have learnt via my own research, spiritual practice and from my own spiritual team. If what I tell you doesn't resonate for you, that's OK. We must always tune into our own guidance and truth about the universe.

They can come is many forms, but can generally come in certain categories;

Angelic beings - You may have heard of guardian angels. (They are closely associated with religion but really they are not actually connected to any religion - as religion is a human construct, in my view.) They are very high vibrational, ancient energies and from what I have experienced bring a strong level of protection and wisdom, especially the archangels such as Archangel Micheal.

Power animals - these come in animal form. They are not the actual spirit of your childhood pet (although anything is possible) but represent the frequency of a species of animal as a whole. Depending on what creature they show as, will give you an indication of what they represent, and ultimately that is reflected as part of your personality. For example, one of my power animals is an owl, and what he represents in me is my wisdom, and my ability to see the light in the darkness. He represents illumination.

Nature spirits - Fairies, trolls, gnomes, elves - they come in many forms and are usually guardians of nature. You will find these beings living in nature (even potted plants) and are strongly connected to the Earth. They are not just made up characters to keep children entertained! These magical beings are interwoven into Mother Nature and are part of the eco system of our world. If you have a nature spirit guide you will probably have a strong pull to taking care of the natural world.

Ascended masters - These are beings that were incarnated as humans on Earth, and ascended out of reincarnation and now assist humans and our spiritual evolution. we like to lovingly joke that they are 'celebrity guides'. Examples are Merlin, Saint Germain, Buddha, and even Mother Mary. we may associate them with religion because their teachings became followed by humans, but in my opinion they transcend this and work with and help all humans, no matter our beliefs. You may have even been told by popular culture that they are made up!

Ancestors - these are your family from your DNA line. Could be your great-grandma, or someone you never heard of from 8 generations back. They could even be ancestors from a past life, so could perhaps show up in a totally different form to what you look like. The love and protection from the ancestors is strong and deep. We all have ancestors helps and supporting us. Connection to the ancestors is usually very profound and personal.

Deities - Gods and Goddesses! You may be connected to the archetype of a particular deity and hold that frequency and what they represent in our cultures. Examples are Thor, Ganesh, Aphrodite, Quan Yin. One of the first guides that showed themselves to me was the Greek Goddess Athena. She is there to show me my own warrior spirit within me, when I feel weak. She allows me to feel independent, strong and intelligent. She reflects her image back to me so I can align to her frequency. Because I am her and she is me.

Star beings. OK, so you may need to allow your brain to expand here- or perhaps you already feel this knowledge in your soul... We are not alone in the universe! Star being guides are energies from other dimensions and places in the universe that help us here on Earth. I could (and will) write a whole article or book on this subject, but in short these beings are here to help humanity ascend and evolve. If you have star being guides you are likely to be a starseed... I will write a piece on this!

Mystical creatures - Dragons are an example of this. They may seem like power animals but are more guides. Dragons connect deeply with the elements and come with very strong protection. Other examples are Pegasus', mermaids and unicorns. The unicorns are very closely tied to the angelical dimensions, and are very high vibrational energy. Mythical creatures have much magic and wisdom to show us!

Plants - yes, we have plant & tree allies that assist us. Each plant has a spirit to connect to ,and they bring much teaching and healing. Plants may come in at certain times to help you with specific issues. For example, if you need physical & emotional cleansing then maybe rosemary will present herself to you.

Ok, so there you have some main categories of spirit guides.

Are you keen to know who's working with you? Because each guide will reveal a little piece of your soul essence, your life's purpose - its very empowering to learn who your guides are. You get a deeper understanding of yourself. Working with your guides and understanding what they represent in you can help you expand and evolve. It can help with the blockages in your life. Help you move forward. Plus is really fun to find out!

In my work I can show you how to meet you spirit team, which is one of the most beautiful experiences you'll ever have that activates your heart. Its meeting someone you've always know, always loved and can help us when we feel alone and need support.

Fancy diving deeper into this? When you have a shamanic healing with me, your spirit guides work with my spirit guides to facilitate your healing and expansion.

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