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What past Lives have you had?

What has your soul experienced?

Let’s talk about past lives. Apart from being fascinating, it’s also remarkable how much our past lives affect our current life- and seeing the positive effects for my clients after I cleared it is mind blowing.

So, what is a past life? Simply put, it’s a life that your soul has lived in a different incarnation. Why does our soul experience different lives?

Simply put- growth & experience. We are multidimensional & multifaceted beings, and what our soul has experienced before this life has huge effects on us, positive, negative & indifferent.

It's part of the richness of the human experience and one of the reasons humans are so complex.

From what I have viewed (and I have seen & cleared loads), the soul can incarnate in all different races, colours, creeds, timelines and genders. Remember the soul’s purpose is to grow. Much like everything in our universe. Think of cells multiplying, trees growing, creatures ageing.

Everything is focused on growth and cycles. The more different experiences our soul has the more it learns and evolves. It’s not about being good or bad, positive or negative- it’s a neutral experience about growth.

There’s a lot of debate whether past lives are real, but time and time again I have seen and felt the truth, and I personally have to trust what I see, feel & experience. (I encourage you to feel into your own truth)

Nearly all past lives I clear have a direct connection to something we feel or experience in this life. Past life clearance alleviates traumas from past lives that are vibrating in your energy field still. Causing you aggravation, pain and suffering. When you hear the story of what your soul has experienced, accepted it, and released the energy you can be free from its negative hold over you. You can feel lighter and clearer. You can move on instead of feeling stuck.

Let's look at some examples. My client had a past life as a servant, where she was made to constantly clean. I saw her in this past life obsessively cleaning her hands. When I spoke to her about it, she told me she has OCD in this life, and it's usually centred around cleaning her hands. Just the awareness and understanding of this can help to alleviate my clients symptoms of OCD. She can see that what she is experiencing is less about ‘fault’ or something being wrong with her, and more about compassion for what her soul has experienced before. She can see how the trauma from that life was feeding her life now. This compassion and awareness helps recovery, especially as I then cleared this life out of her energy field and transformed this energy.

Example number 2, another client in a past life was forced to keep bearing children over and over again. She told me in this life she has endometriosis (a condition severely affecting the womb and results in painful periods & even worse symptoms). I am happy to share that since the healing (about a month) she says she has not experienced an ‘endo flare up’ which caused her so much pain & suffering and sometimes kept her bed bound. These are the sort of results I am seeing from my shamanic healing sessions, which include past life clearance. And when you get results like that, you can see why I am so passionate about this work!

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