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What message does Chiron retrograde have for us?

Today, 15th July 2021 the minor planet/ comet Chiron goes into retrograde until 19th December 2021

. But what does this mean for us on an astrological level?

Well, in Greek mythology Chiron is the centaur - the wounded healer - who helped others yet could not heal himself. Chiron is a very important aspect of astrology, as depending on where Chiron is in your natal chart, shows your own wounds, and need for healing due to trauma.

When a planet is retrograde, we can often feel a 'pull' backwards in the areas that it represents. If we think about Chiron, as the themes associated here- we can understand that this is the perfect time to address our own healing.

It's time to address old wounds and trauma that are yet to be worked through.

What triggers a contraction and painful response within you? What areas in life cause you pain and upset? This is a good place to start when working out where healing is required.

Inner child healing is really nourishing and can help to dissolve some of the difficulties from our past experiences. Our child selves often get neglected when we grow up. And honouring, listening and loving these little people within us are the first steps to heal.

If you feel ready to take the brave leap to work through your own healing, I can help you. My passion is to alchemise the lead of old wounds into the gold of your future freedom. When I work one to one with you, my intention is to free you from the chains of old wounds.

Are you ready? Jump in and get in touch! Harness the energy of Chiron retrograde.

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