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What is Light Language? How can it help you?

Light language is a form of communication that bypasses the logical mind and connects directly to your soul. It's a healing modality in itself, and for the past 6 months I have been incorporating it into my healing practice.

Light language can come in many different forms - such as:

Spoken word (can sound like a foreign language), in song & melody, symbols, codes, hand signals (and more) - its a form of expression.

When I channel light language, it's my soul connecting and communicating with your soul on a deep level.

There's many benefits such as: healing, activation, remembrance, transference of energy, heart opening, frequency shift, & upgrades- to name just a few.

It comes down to the intention I have when expressing this beautiful form of healing, and what you need in that moment. Light Language is particularly good at shifting stagnant energy in the body which can help you feel lighter, calmer with a sense of inner freedom and peace.

And who doesn't want to feel a sense of inner peace?

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