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What is entity removal and how can it help you?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Entity removal sounds more scarier than it is. It is essentially energy that is stuck/ attached/ blocked in our bodies and energy field. When I work in a shamanic healing I will remove & transmute this energy so it is not attached to you anymore.

We humans are constantly going through experiences in our physical reality. These experiences are often charged with emotions. We go through plenty of trauma within these experiences. It is very important to note here that trauma is a rainbow spectrum of intensity. A child falling off their bike all the way to life altering trauma. Also it’s important to note that trauma is relative and a very personal experience.

So, when we experience trauma - because it is usually an uncomfortable feeling - we don’t want to feel the pain/ sadness/ grief/ anger - etc so we are usually not wanting to be ‘in it’. We are usually calling out for help and for it to end (either consciously or unconsciously). When this happens, this is when energetic attachments happen, which cause distortion in our bodies and energy bodies. This can lead to a multitude of challenges including physical, mental and emotional pain.

It’s one of those things that’s complicated yet also simple. We want to transmute energy out of the body that doesn’t belong there. To help you feel lighter, clearer and free. At the same time I will be calling back and integrating your personal energy that gets lost in trauma (this is called soul retrieval - find this in another blog post!)

The aim is for you to be your whole sovereign self. You without attachments, distortions, corruption. Life as a human is beautiful, yet it comes with its struggles. I am here to facilitate you to release what’s not yours, and claim back your power. This is what alchemy really is. Transforming our shadows into gold dust. There are no mistakes in life, only growth and learning. This is the meaning of life. This is the magic of you, and I am humbled to be able to help you bloom and grow.

Every full shamanic healing that I offer includes entity removal - and is part of a thorough healing.

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