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Today we welcome Cancer season. Cancer is the Zodiac sign of the watery crab. 

The Cancerian crab lives by the sea or the riverbank and comes out under the moonlight. Her hard shell protects the soft, vulnerable flesh within. She is pure emotion, protection, and the mother archetype.

Cancer is one of the 3 water signs, and I like to think of this sign as a river. The river always flows and moves- just like our emotions. As they say, emotions are energy in motion, and when we are in Cancer season these swirly, moving feelings may be taking centre stage for the next month.

This doesn't have to mean that you are in a state of crying all the time - and don't despair if feeling any more emotion is the last thing you need right now.... but it is an invitation to not numb out anymore. To really own any emotions you may have been stuffing down. Emotion is empowering, it's really healthy to FEEL in capital letters.

We've been told time and time again to 'put on a brave face' or 'buck up' and 'stop crying'. But when we look at our emotions as a strength, not a weakness we can really feel like spiritual warriors. Emotions then don't own you anymore- you are just owning your sh*t finally. And the world could really do with us all owning our sh*t.

So this Cancer season, own how you feel, healthily express those emotions, stand up and say "I feel so I am Human". It'll be more empowering than you may realise.

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