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Mercury arrives in Libra. Time to look at our communication

Today, 30th August until 5th November, Mercury will be in Libra.

This is the perfect time to start looking at how you communicate. Can you be more diplomatic? Can you see things from another perspective? Can you bring more harmony when you speak and deal with other people?

In this world of extreme polarity, it doesn't hurt to take the opportunity to bring some harmony. We can be so fixated on what we think, and feel like it is the 'right' way, that we get stuck in a loop of our own opinions. Humans make a decision on how they feel about a subject, then decide that they will keep shouting it and seeking out ways to prove their own point.

What happened to healthy debate, where we listen to another opinion. If we did this more often, we might learn something.

The competition we all bring to discussions, and the need to be right all the time gets in the way of real progress. The progress of coming together, finding common ground, and respecting a different view.

The duality we currently live through pits people against each other, when we come together - even in our differences - then we can start to build a better future... don't you think?

Use this Libran energy to bring out your inner diplomate, look at how you communicate- and remember to LISTEN to someone else. Let them take the stand for a moment rather than just listening to the sound of your own voice.

Feel the ease of Libra, because mercury in retrograde is coming, enjoy this whilst this lasts!!

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