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Loving all the parts...

Today I am contemplating the definition of ‘healing’ & what this actually means.

We live in a culture that projects an image of a desire for perfection, constant productivity, and growth. There’s an atmosphere of constant expansion, development & improvement. ‘Things will be better when…’ ‘I’ll be happy if..’ ‘I just need… to be fulfilled’

Healing comes into this quite a lot. The desire to ‘fix’ and ‘mend’ the broken parts so we can feel ‘whole’. And whilst I am all about the positive impact and outcomes for my clients, i also know its ok to take your time, to be happy just as you are, to love all the parts of who you are right now.

When a client comes to see me, I don’t think ‘I need to fix you’ - I see them for who they are right now, and see they are beautiful just as they are. However, I want them to move through their challenges, to live into their true potential and to break free from the chains holding them back.

I describe my work like alchemy, because that is exactly what it is. I take the lead of heavy emotions and experience, and transmute it through to gold. This doesn’t mean there’s anything ‘wrong’ with lead, quite the opposite. The lead is the richness of life's experiences. It's a great teacher. It's a gift. The hardships we face help us become the warriors of who we are. Earth is a planet of experiences.

We are here in this physical reality to experience & feel.

This is why we have emotions. To FEEL. We have been brought up to think that the things that feel euphoric and ‘good’ is what’s to be strived for. That anything painful, uncomfortable, difficult & challenging is to be avoided at all costs. That’s why there’s so much out there to ‘numb the pain’. Blot it out. By why the f*ck would we want to not feel and experience when we are on planet Earth- the planet that's all about FEELING & EXPERIENCING?

We are here to understand what feeling is. The tough stuff too.

Love the tears that pour from your eyes when you cry, that cleanse you. Love the snot that forms as you release. Even love the vomit that helps you purge when you get a tummy bug...

(I double dare you!) It's better out than in.

Because our bodies, minds and souls are here to experience. And when harmonious times follow the tough times, the nectar tastes even sweeter.

So, what does healing mean to me- a spiritual healer. To me, it means standing in your power, facing the darkness, and loving the heavy lead so we can experience the gold, and live into our full potential. To live with inner peace. And how do we live with inner peace? By loving all the parts. And this is what I help you do in my healing sessions. I help you love all the parts, so you can live a life full of freedom.

You’re here on Earth to live out your mission, and I’m here to help you do this.

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