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Hold your own Full Moon Ritual

As I write this we have a full moon in Capricorn coming our way. I love working with the moons energy, and one of the most lovely ways to do this is through a moon ritual. Whether we are with a group, and coming together in circle for a ceremony - or simply making it super personal and doing it alone, a moon ritual is the perfect way to harness the lunar energy.

But what is a moon ritual?

Energy is high and intense when the moon is at her fullest, and we can use this energy in many ways to help create the life of our making. A full moon is the perfect time to set intentions to release and let go of the old, to clear the way for the new. Also, depending on what Zodiac sign the moon is in, is a good indication as to how the energy may feel for us, and therefore what to focus on in the ritual.

For this ritual we will be working with the elements, to anchor in our intentions with nature - our most powerful allay.

Collect the following items together...

Air element: Incense stick, essential oils, a diffuser or even just calming music

Fire element: Candle/s, a bowl of spices or even something red/ orange or golden

Water element: a bowl of water or something connected to like a seashell

Earth element: A leaf, a stone, grass, mud - something from the earth

(Or just a candle if you like as it represents all elements!)

Pen/ pencil and paper.

Create a calming space with your sacred elemental representations. Feel free to add in any other sacred objects like crystals, a photo of a loved one who had passed on, or even an oracle card of significance for you. If you have something that represents the moon, add this in too. Hold the intention to work with the elements to help manifest your desires, for the good of all.

Spend at least 10 mins meditating - it makes it easier if you can set an alarm clock, and just count your breaths. And don't worry if thoughts come swirling in - your experience is perfect as it is.

Then, write out a list of desires you'd like to make a reality. Don't hold back, allow yourself to get super creative and let your words flow.

End your writing with one simple action you can take tomorrow that can help lead you to your desired outcome.

When you are done, thank the elements for working with you, thank the moon for supporting you.

Take a bath/ shower or foot bath - and feel free to make it as luxurious as you like - yes please bath salts! (this is not essential though). When you are done, remember to thank the water for cleansing you.

Keep the paper in a safe space, so in 6 months you can look back and see all you have achieved.

And there you have it! Your elemental moon magic ritual

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