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Grounding Practices

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Are you feeling unsettled, disconnected, confused, emotional, numbed out, overwhelmed or untethered?

Grounding is connecting back to the Earth and our own bodies to help reset and refresh. It can help ease anxiety and stress.

Try these tips to help you ground back into your body and feel safe:

Close your eyes, take several deep breaths in and out. Allow your breath to be long and relaxed.

Find some nature, a garden, the local play park where there's at least one tree. Find a spot to sit down, do not look at your phone and simply soak in nature around you, even if its just looking at the one tree or grass. Notice how to leaves/ grass etc looks. Soak it up.

Allow yourself at least 30 mins/ 1hr to not be thinking about tasks, jobs or anything brining intensity into your life.

Cook nutritious food and make it with love and care without thinking about the other stuff in your life. Maybe listen to an audiobook, fun Podcast or calming music as you cook.

Spend 20 mins meditating, either on your own or finding a guided meditation on YouTube to listen to.

Take a bath or foot bath, throw in some salts or essential oils for extra luxe and read a book (no, not your phone).

These practices can help bring you back to your still point, to reset and regulate you. Modern life can really affect our wellbeing, but intentionally grounding ourselves back into our bodies can help bring calmness and tranquility back, so we can get on with our lives in peace!

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