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Get the most out of Libra Season!

  • Tune into your inner compass, to avoid indecision

  • Consciously bring harmony into your relationships

  • Feel into the beauty around you, let it nourish you

  • See things from another perspective,

  • Let go of the need to always be right

Here we are in Libra season, moving through to the last part of 2021. Flowing through the change of seasons, recalibrating with Mother Earth.

As the energy shifts, here are some tips to help you navigate through and get the most out of the Libran vibes.

The cliche for Librans is that they can't make a decision, and whilst there is truth in this, in reality, Librans are very inspirational, and when they are being their authentic selves, we can all learn from them.

Libra is one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac - because it leads one of the season changes. Harness this energy by leading by example. Be the change you want to see, little by little.

So, where can we all be a little more tuned in to our own intuition?

Where can we listen to another point of view, so we can reevaluate what we thought was 'right'?

Where can we consciously bring more harmony into our communication, instead of just pushing our own agenda to feed our own egos?

Can you see the beauty in what is around you?

Libra season is an invitation to bring us all together and lead by example.

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