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Benefits of shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is the most impactful session I offer, it's the one that has the longest lasting positive results.

I am constantly blown away by the results I see with my clients after a full shamanic healing.

Not every shamanic healer works in the same way, everyone works differently, so I wanted to explain a bit further how I work, and how that helps you.

The way I see it, whatever you experience in your physical reality, there are always spiritual, emotional & energetic reasons for this. The healing I offer looks directly at these seemingly invisible root cause issues and weeds them out.

This helps to have a positive impact on your life.

How do I do this?

Let's take a case study from one of my clients as an example of this.

Micheal came to me for a healing, I knew nothing about his life, and he didn't tell me what was troubling him. He asked me to just see what came through in the healing.

I felt Micheal had struggled with depression, low self worth and challenges around his sex life & creativity. I sensed he felt stuck in life

I cleared a past life where his energy had been 'zapped' via electrocution.

I cleared a blockage in his sacral chakra which rules our creativity & sexuality

I removed negative energy from being bullied by a particular teacher

(which resulted in his low self worth all his life)

I saw him being metaphorically 'sucked' into a black hole of depression, so I claimed back the energy for him from the sad memories of experiencing depression.

I worked with his ancestors who had experienced mental health struggles without appropriate support.

I removed negative energy from his head (which he later told me was from an injury he had earlier in his life)

When I revealed to Micheal what I had done and what I thought his challenges were, he was shocked and said that everything I said was spot on and made sense.

He felt lighter and clearer afterwards. He felt a sense of freedom.

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