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Ancestral healing - what is it and how can it help you?

When you come and see me for a Shamanic healing, one part of the session is ancestral healing. This is where I see/ feel / understand challenges that your ancestors have experienced, and where their experiences are effecting you and your life. I then shift/ heal/ clear & transmute this out of your energy body - but there's more to it than this.

What our ancestors experienced has a huge impact on us and our family.

(There is a lot of research going into this - a brilliant book that goes into detail about ancestral trauma is "It Didn't Start With You", by Mark Wolynn)

The trauma we experience gets passed through the DNA line (to no fault of our own) and when I go and clear & transmute this trauma via my shamanic practice, I can see the positive ripple effect on my clients.

Distortions in the energy body can show up in everyday life such as: anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks, and insomnia, and also, any challenges we experience that are creating a block in our lives. In a shamanic healing I can always go and find an ancestor who experienced a challenge that needs transmuting - the outcome of this work will have a positive impact on your everyday life. And not only your life - but the lives of those in your family, as they are all connected to us via the family tree.

If the roots of the family tree are damaged, this will affect the leaves. The more roots we heal, the more nourished the leaves will be. And its exactly the same as our family tree. I go into the roots so the little leaves (our descendants) are clear from the traumas of our ancestors past. As I always say to clients: I can't change the past, but I can shift the energy of the past trauma, so you can live a life full of freedom.

An example of this in practice, through one of my clients, I will call her Alice.

Alice felt like she was constantly having to compromise on her dreams. She hated her current job in an office & just wanted to become a landscape gardener. In Alice's shamanic healing session I saw that a female ancestor 4 generations back compromised on what she wanted in her life to become a wife & mother rather than exploring her own dreams. The trauma & resentment of this ancestor was sitting in the energy on Alice, holding her back. Alice felt like she had to carry on with the job she had to keep up with the expectations of others around her - rather than follow her dreams. After the healing, Alice felt more motivated to make her dreams a reality.

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