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5 Benefits of Sound Healing

1. Ultimate Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Sound healing induces theta brain waves which enhance rejuvenation, healing, and growth. Theta brain waves usually arrive just before we fall asleep, and just after we wake up. You could call it the doorway to our subconscious. When you listen to sound healing you ease into relaxation as the theta brainwaves facilitate your healing.

2. Calms the nerves

Do you ever feel like your body is in constant fight or flight (or freeze)? Whether it's an eggy email from your boss, or that huge gas bill - modern life seems to put us into perpetual anxiety. This constant adrenaline rush is not great for the nervous system. The good news is- Sound healing can calm us down, take us back to neutral so we can handle the pitfalls of life with confidence.

3. Relaxed muscles

Whether you are listening via audio, or in-person - as you hear sound healing your whole body relaxes - washing away any tension you've built up from your stressful week. Sometimes we don't even realise that our jaws are clenched, and shoulders hunched, over time this builds up and becomes painful. When you experience sound healing your body releases tension physically held in your body.

4. Boosts mental clarity

A whirling, busy mind is usually not a clear, focused mind. When you experience sound healing - like meditation - your worries and thoughts clear away. It's like closing all your tabs on your computer screen! If our brains have too many tabs and files open, it's really hard to complete tasks with ease. When everything is running at once, that's when panic & overwhelm sets in! Sound healing helps wipe the slate clean, so you can come back to your tasks one by one and smash your to-do list!

5. Better sleep

Would you like to sleep better? Yes please! Regular Sound healing sessions can help you sleep better at night. The more that theta brain waves are induced, that our nervous system is calmed, our muscles are relaxed and our minds are cleared- we are paving the way for better sleep. A good night's sleep can make us feel like superwomen - but what about consistent better sleep? Now that's a life goal I can get on board with!

Why choose sound healing as part of your personal self-care?

We all vibrate at our own rhythms. When we hear the sounds of the bowls, our energy entrains with the resonance of the sounds. Modern life and the energy we pick up from the world around us affect our natural rhythms and listening to the pure sound of the bowls balances our mind and body. Sound healing is essentially a massage on a cellular level.

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