I am a modern day spiritual healer & shamanic alchemist. 

I help open-minded souls live a life full of freedom via spiritual & energy healing.

"I worked with Tasha for

6 months and her work has completely transformed my life.

She has bought me back to life..."

Welcome to Solaris Sound Healing.

In today's world, we spend much of our time on screens and away from our loved ones. As a collective, we prioritise our well-being more than ever, and many of us view nourishing self-care as a non-negotiable part of life.


Solaris Sound Healing exists to facilitate this growing requirement to self develop, heal, grow and progress. I use my holistic toolbox to assist your expansion, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or energetic. I alchemise the lead of your heavy emotions into the gold that will take you to freedom.


I use Shamanic healing, sound & energy healing, meditation, voice activation and divination through Tarot and Oracle cards as my tools to take you from:

  • anxious to trusting

  • burnt-out to nourished 

  • stressed to calm 

  • tired to rested 

  • feelings of low self-worth to loving yourself 

  • insomnia to sleeping well 

  • confused to clear 

  • Stuck in emotional distress to freedom

  • Held back by your past to loving acceptance 

My intention for this work is to facilitate freedom in your everyday life, so you can live to your fullest potential & feel a sense of inner peace.

Hello beautiful light being!
I see you. 

I am Tasha. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I am a modern day spiritual healer & Shamanic alchemist. I use my holistic toolbox to assist my clients expansion, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or energetic. I alchemise the lead of heavy emotions & turn them into gold, which results in my clients living a life full of freedom. 

Such as sleeping properly (goodbye insomnia) feeling energised when you wake & being self- assured enough to tackle the challenges life throws at you with ease.

I use a unique blend of Shamanic healing, sacred sound & supportive Tarot readings to facilitate my clients alchemy healing journey.

I started Solaris Sound Healing after listening to the whispers from the depths of my soul. 
I struggled internally with anxiety, stress & low self worth for years until I took control & started self healing with the tools I use today in my business. 

I have seen first hand with my own journey, and the healing & blooming of my clients - how powerful & transformative my work is.

This is why Solaris Sound Healing exists, because it excites me to see the results of this work. I can literally see it making a positive difference in the world.

I’ve helped hundreds of stressed out souls create emotional freedom & they felt nourished & cared for in the process. 

The kind of alchemy I offer leaves you feeling energetically recharged & able to ride the wave of life with gusto. 

I can’t remove the challenges in your life, but I can get you to a place where you feel empowered & capable of handling them yourself without fear.


So if you’re ready to experience freedom through the alchemy of my healing in a way that’s nourishing, empowered and feels fantastic, let’s chat.



Blown away with how at calm I feel after my Inner Peace 1-2-1 healing session with Tasha. The sound healing was so beautiful and moving, it helped me release so much of the negative energy I was holding onto. Tasha was kind, respectful and has a really down to earth vibe that makes her so easy to relax around and open up to.

I will definitely be booking in again, the Alchemy Experience really interests me!

Carly Cronk

Tasha held me in a safe & welcoming space that invited surrender into each of our sessions together. Her intuitive approach combined with her wisdom, generosity & nurturance created a unique & powerful experience.

Each sound bath was rich with layers of energetic healing, & the voice activation practice liberated my throat chakra. It was unforgettable & transformative sound healing journey

Rebecca Moore

I worked with Tasha for a period of 6 months and her work has completely transformed my life.

I was feeling incredibly anxious with terrible self esteem issues caused by deep rooted trauma.

Tasha virtually held my hand and took each step with me; supporting through amazing personalised meditations, sound baths and tarot readings. Helping me to release previous trauma, forgive myself and heal.

She has bought me back to life.

Her intuition is incredible and the readings are always spot on.

I can't recommend her services enough.

Emily Williams

I've had a few amazing sound healing sessions here.  

Tash is absolutely brilliant, she takes the time to guide you through the experience so during the session you're completely relaxed.  

Not only did she use the sound bowls, but also the tuning forks.  The relaxation is as good as any deep massage.  If you're curious I would highly recommend this.

Jon Pellington

Tasha has mind-blowing healing capacity across multiple modalities which she combines into her unique healing experience.
I felt so at peace during my sound massage… so held and also in profound joy.

I can’t remember the last time I went that deep into physical and spiritual healing at the same time, especially when coupled with ecstatic bliss. This healing reaches the emotional and psychic depths whilst holding the physical body in a warm, sensual and loving embrace.
I will be back and back.
Can’t recommend enough.

So much thanks and love to Tasha for this experience

Helena Allen

Had an online sound and shamanic healing session with Tasha; it was absolutely amazing. 

I could really feel the energy shifting in my body throughout the session. 

Tasha eloquently explained the process and everything that she picked throughout the session.  Afterwards I felt so much lighter and felt like I had a permanent upwards shift in my energy.  I highly recommend booking a session, it won't be my last. 

Thank you so much Tasha!

Chris Marsh

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