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I help women who spiral into over thinking, and help make their mind a happy place to live in

"I worked with Tasha for

6 months and her work has completely transformed my life.

She has bought me back to life..."

Do you dream of a quiet mind? Instead of the constant negative self talk?

To be able to speak your mind, instead of changing what you say incase you offend or feel criticism from others.

Do you experience anxiety, and try to manage that by making sure you're nice and agreeable to everyone, but deep down you know you are not being yourself?

Do you experience a little voice in your head that talks to you like sh*t but you don't know how to stop it?

Do you edit yourself in all areas of life, and suspect you don't really know yourself?

Do you often feel a tightness in your throat?

Have you experienced physical, emotional or mental self harm? 

It's time to heal the critic inside, to banish the little gremlin that keeps you anxious, so you can stop playing small and express yourself without fear!

I can take you from:

  • anxious to calm

  • burnt-out to nourished 

  • self loathing to self love 

  • tired to rested 

  • feelings of low self-worth to loving yourself 

  • insomnia to sleeping well 

  • blocked to focused

  • difficulty expressing yourself to standing in your power

  • Held back by your past to loving acceptance 

This means no more people pleasing, and a quieter inner critic which results in a loving connection to self, and better communication and harmony in your relationships. 
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Having tried all kinds of traditional talking and CBT therapies, I can say that the work with Tasha has been the most effective. After a course of sessions and a weekend retreat, I feel happier, calmer and more complete than I have done in a long time, if ever.


The effect is lasting: it has changed who I am and how I think about things: a complete perspective shift and energetic upgrade. It has improved every area of my life, from my connection to others to my own creativity and creative output. I really can’t recommend Tasha’s work more highly: everyone should try it and see for themselves.

Christine Cordon - Online 

Are you ready?

I am Tasha. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I am a modern spiritual healer.

I found my purpose via helping others through helping them heal past trauma, and negative patterns of behaviour.  

Shamanic healing may be a mystery to some people, but its working with energy, in a multidimensional way - this means I see you, the whole of you and I work with the energy, to see deeply whats affecting you, and work to shift and release so you feel lighter and are able to move forward with your life.


The biggest outcome I see in my clients is their ability to be authentic, and to communicate themselves with ease. This means releasing the grip of the inner critic - and stopping people pleasing. This is the path to freedom.

My unique process takes you on a journey:

  1. Connect to self

  2. Become who you truly are

  3. Express yourself authentically in any given situation without fear.

I struggled with anxiety, low self worth, people pleasing and an intense inner critic for years until I took control. I help others how I helped myself - I know it works.

Forever afraid of my voice, I hid my real self away - fearing criticism and rejection. I healed that part of myself - I always dreamed of singing - now I use my voice to heal others! What we fear most about ourselves - can sometime be our greatest gift. I am testament to that.


Are you ready to cultivate inner peace and freedom? - and be authentically you?



Blown away with how at calm I feel after my Inner Peace 1-2-1 healing session with Tasha.

The sound healing was so beautiful and moving, it helped me release so much of the negative energy I was holding onto. Tasha was kind, respectful and has a really down to earth vibe that makes her so easy to relax around and open up to.

I will definitely be booking in again, the Alchemy Experience really interests me!

Carly Cronk

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