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Twin Flame Healing
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Twin Flame Healing

I describe myself as a modern spiritual healer combining shamanic healing, sound healing, reiki & divination.

Chris is an Analytical Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master and teacher.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts, and when we work together our energy is magnified. So it made sense for us to create a unique healing offering, to give our clients the best healing experience possible.

Twin Flame Healing is held online or in person, and you will receive:


  • Sound Healing

  • Double Shamanic Healing

  • Reiki

  • Light Language healing

The investment for a Twin Flame Healing:

£222 for 90 mins

Limited time offer of £180

What is a Twin Flame?


There’s lots of different opinions and beliefs about what a twin flame is. I can only speak from my experience, and knowledge and wisdom I have gathered, and this is what I share with you here. It is always best to connect with your own self and see what’s right for you


So, what is so special about a twin flame? 


From what I have learnt from my own experience, Chris and I’s souls were created together, and we split into 2. We are very much our own sovereign selves, but we share a blueprint, a similar frequency. This means when we are together our energy and the work we do is magnified and compliments each other. Twin Flames are in their highest vibration when working on their divine missions- but it also requires us to commit to our own healing journeys which means we are in the best position possible to help facilitate healing for others.

Experience the unique and profound energy of Twin Flame Healing

A profound double healing session that is deep, thorough and intensely nourishing, revitalising and powerful. You get two healers & healings with a unique and powerful connection in one session.


It's like a full MOT for your body, mind and soul. 90 mins dedicated to you, via the power of our twin flame energy.

  • Feel lighter, clearer & free

  • Deals with & removed root causes of trauma

  • Leaves you energised

  • Better sleep

The combination of healing modalities used provides a thorough and deep healing experience that gives you an energetic reset that lasts


I had a Twin Flame Healing & it was super awesome.  It was done via Zoom ... it felt like they were in the room with me. They are both highly competent shamanic practitioners who definitely know their stuff...

The healing I received was felt strongly on all levels & I can't remember being so relaxed in such a long time... 
I cannot recommend Tasha & Chris enough!

Marie Johnson

This is my story, & I share it with love...


I started training in my shamanic practice in 2021. In the summer of 2022, I did a shamanic journey (much like a meditation) with a friend from my course- Chris. We had a growing friendship and we felt we had past life experiences that we wanted to uncover, out of curiosity. On this shamanic journey we were seeing the same visions, of us in a past life, in loving union but also working together as spiritual teachers. In that life we were separated, and I was killed. We cleared the past lives - as we would usually do in a shamanic healing- and after I kept hearing the phrase in my head ‘twin flame’ over and over again. I sat there and didn’t say anything as I was not sure what to make of it- and I didn’t really understand what it meant. Chris looked up at me and said ‘I'm getting Twin Flame’... 


This was a huge conformation to both of us, and here we started our twin flame journey together, which has led us to come together romantically but also to work together.


Are you really interested in a Twin Flame healing, but would like to connect and ask us some questions first?

Book a free discovery call with us both!

What is Shamanic Healing?


Shamanism is an ancient form of healing and way of life. Our Shamanic practice is how I connect to nature, animals, humans, spirituality and the Universe as a whole.

Shamanic healing offers support & guidance to anyone who is suffering from emotional (and sometimes physical) pain, discomfort, mental illness or feel incomplete & unfulfilled in life. 

The type of shamanic healing I offer includes the following techniques:

  • Negative Energy clearance

  • Soul retrieval

  • Past life clearance

  • Ancestral healing

  • Light Language healing

In the Twin Flame healing we both provide shamanic healing for you which results in a very thorough & deep session - a healing that is unique that you will not find anywhere else.

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