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Signs you're an empath and need to establish stronger boundaries...

If other people's pain feels like yours, You feel sensory overload easily

You feel emotionally destabilised, Crowds overwhelm you, someone else's bad mood can bring you down...

If you identify as an empath, it's important to know when and how to set healthy boundaries.

In my work, I meet a lot of people that struggle with boundaries. Not knowing where they end, and someone else begins. Not understanding that they are absorbing other people's emotions and moods. Feeling other people's sadness and emotional pain so much that they experience it as their own pain.

Feeling compassion for others is part of being a loving human, however many people (especially those that identify as an empath) take on other people's emotions/ pain/ vibration/frequency/heartache and carry it as if it's theirs. This is unhelpful because if you're taking on everything from others, it's hard to live your own life properly and to be of service in this world. It's super important to understand what's yours to carry and process- and what belongs to another.

We can't do our own life's work if we are mixed up in everyone else's frequency.

I used to feel sensory overload easily - and I still do from time to time. When this happens I know that I've been too open and need to re-establish my own boundaries and energetic protection. I have to go off and regulate myself.

Take the time to evaluate whether you are taking in others' emotions like a sponge. Note it down, and view it with curiosity at first. The first step to change and protection is to get an idea of what is happening.

Remember, compassion and support are not the same as taking on the problems of the world. You can't help if you are overwhelmed with other people's concerns!

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