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Tasha is so incredibly gifted in what she does. Her sound baths are one of a kind... They are incredibly powerful + something I can recommend for anyone to try!

Hannah Gauss

Cacao Sound Bath Ceremony with Light Language.

In person



Address: Imperial Hall Chapel St, Epworth, Doncaster DN9 1HJ 

Unveil the Mystical Realm within You: Join Our Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Bath with Light Language.

Embark on a transformative journey, where ancient wisdom meets modern healing. Step into the enchanting world of our healing ceremony, an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary and awakens the extraordinary within you.

The evening starts with the heart opening medicine of cacao followed by a light language introduction, demonstrations and personal blessings before relaxing into a nourishing sound bath to leave you feeling rejuvenated, supported, & deeply held with a sense of inner peace.

Experience the power of Light Language, a divine cosmic tongue spoken by the ancients and channeled through us, to support your healing. Language of light transcends human limitations, activating dormant codes within your DNA, awakening latent potentials, and connecting you to the vast wisdom of the universe.

Whether you are a seasoned explorer of spiritual connection or a curious seeker taking your first steps, our Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Bath with Light Language invites you to embark on a profound odyssey of self-discovery, healing, and connection.

Reserve your space now, and prepare to embark on a mystical journey that will forever change the way you experience the world. Open your heart, tune into the frequencies of the universe, and let the ancient wisdom guide you towards your true essence.

Please bring a yoga mat with you (something to lie on) and anything that might assist your comfort such as a blanket, pillow and eye mask.

Price: £25 per person (introductory price)

Spritual attunement Retreat & Training

In person



Address: The Nook in Wroot nr Doncaster DN9

A 2 day exploration of shamanic practice, energy healing & emotional freedom, in a beautiful rural setting. 


Solaris Sound Bath & meditation evening

In person



Address: South Clifton nr Newark (full address giving at booking)

Price: £30

Escape the stresses of modern life with a blissful Sound Bath workshop hosted by Tasha from Solaris Sound Healing. Starting the evening connecting with the cosmic energies before 'pick a pile' Tarot readings, guided meditation and a sound bath.

A relaxing & deeply nourishing evening of self love & care. A beautiful sound bath to leave you feeling rejuvenated, supported, & held with a sense of inner peace.


My partner and I attended one of Tasha's s cacao ceremony and immersive sound baths over in Epworth.

Upon entering you are warmly greeted with beautiful energies and feel instantly relaxed. Once everyone is ready and nice and comfortable the fun begins. If you have not previously attended a sound healing / Sound bath then you should most definitely get yourself booked in.

Its an amazing experience and will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed, rejuvenated and stress free not to mention the great nights sleep afterwards.

David JC

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