The Alchemy Healing Experience

A 3 month 1-2-1 transformative spiritual journey through sound, magick, energy healing, & divination where I hold your hand in

10 powerful healing sessions.


How would it feel to enjoy freedom in your everyday life? To prioritise yourself in ways that nourish your soul and raise your spirit?


Can you imagine shedding the layers of the past that do not serve anymore, so you live a more fulfilled life that feels sumptuous?


Would you like to really be present in the ‘now’ and relish every day, instead of rushing forward hoping for a ‘better time to come’.


Imagine waking up after a good night's sleep feeling energised, connected to yourself and the universe around you. Imagine feeling lighter, clearer and more grounded

You are less reactive within your life such as:  


When your partner hasn’t done the washing up AGAIN, you don’t feel the rising anger that leads to you reacting- instead you calmly know how to communicate how you feel about it.


When you scroll through social media you feel less jealous when you see a friend on their summer holidays, instead you think “maybe it’s time to book my next holiday”.


When rent day rolls around, you feel less anxiety, because you believe in yourself, and understand that money is energy and what goes out, comes back to you.


You are less affected by outside influences because your inner authority is strong.

You are able to stand your ground with a sense of stability and self assurance.

Beautiful light being, I see your essence for who you are - not the programming that society has given you, the boxes you are made to fit into. 

I see your glorious potential, and for this reason I have created The Alchemy Healing Experience.


This is a 3 month transformative spiritual journey through sound, magick, energy healing, & divination where I hold your hand in 10 powerful 1-2-1 healing sessions for a deeply personal exploration, to connect you back to your soul’s essence.


This is for you if you're an open minded soul, ready to take your healing journey to the next level.


You are committed to self healing & understand that the real lasting change doesn't happen overnight. It takes dedication & devotion - & you're willing to dive in.


You see the importance of taking action now, because when we heal ourselves we heal the generations that come after us, such as our children. We can even help heal the generations that come before us!


You understand the positive impact of healing your own inner wounds, trauma & heavy emotions has on the people in your life. 


Think about it… If you are feeling happier, centred & confident then all your interactions with other people will reflect this. You create a ripple effect of positive energy that starts with you


This is for you if you are connected to your

own spirituality

(or you’d like to be) 

& you’re ready to

embody your uniqueness


Life’s too short to not celebrate your own uniqueness


This is for you if you are committed to making the lasting change in your life that this experience brings.


The Alchemy Healing Experience is a 1-2-1, personal healing experience, designed to meet your energetic, spiritual & emotional needs. 3 months of healing alchemy to take you to living a more joyful life.


This means you can connect more with your intuition, therefore making decisions with ease. It means you can manage feelings of anxiety.

In the Alchemy Healing Experience you will receive:

10 x 121 healing sessions (via Zoom)

Which consist of:

Sound healing, Tarot readings, Chakra healing, energy healing, channeled messages from Spirit. 


Extra Personal Tarot readings direct to your phone


This is not for you if you want a quick overnight fix & to spiritually bypass.


My unique flavour of alchemy transmutes the heaviness, the beautiful darkness that challenges so you can experience the gold within you - & that requires more time, for lasting impact.


So if you’re ready to feel nourishing energy at a cellular level, become more connected to your essence, feeling lighter, calmer yet energised - I am excited to welcome you in!


The Investment:


£782 - Paid in full


Options via payment plan:


2 x instalments of £395


3 x instalments of £266


These healing sessions all take place over Zoom - but if you’d like to explore options for some sessions to take place in person, then let me know.

(Extra costs - such as room hire-will be applied as necissary)

Tasha Tasha  DSC_8468.jpg

Hi, I am Tasha.

I am a modern day spiritual healer & alchemist. I use my holistic toolbox to assist my clients expansion, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or energetic. I alchemise the lead of heavy emotions & turn them into gold, which results in my clients living a life full of freedom. 

Such as sleeping properly (goodbye insomnia) feeling energised when you wake & being self- assured enough to tackle the challenges life throws at you with ease.

I use a unique blend of sacred sound healing, supportive Tarot readings & cosmic astrology to facilitate my clients alchemy healing journey. I am currently training in Shamanic healing which I am already weaving into my practice.

I started Solaris Sound Healing after listening to the whispers from the depths of my soul. 
I struggled internally with anxiety, stress & low self worth for years until I took control & started self healing with the tools I use today in my business. 

I have seen first hand with my own journey, and the healing & blooming of my clients - how powerful & transformative my work is.

This is why Solaris Sound Healing exists, because it excites me to see the results of this work. I can literally see it making a positive difference in the world.

And that’s a real motivator - to see real, positive change in the world around you.

I’ve helped hundreds of stressed out souls create emotional freedom & they felt nourished & cared for in the process. 

The kind of alchemy I offer leaves you feeling energetically recharged & able to ride the wave of life with gusto. 

I can’t remove the challenges in your life, but I can get you to a place where you feel empowered & capable of handling them yourself without fear.


So if you’re ready to experience freedom through the alchemy of my healing in a way that’s nourishing, empowered and feels fantastic, lets chat. Click the button below to book a discovery call for The Alchemy Healing Experience!

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