Come and visit me in person at the Healing Space holistic clinic, 38 Chatsworth rd, Hackney London E5 0LP


Sound Healing in Person
Vibroacoustic Sound Massage

Vibroacoustic Therapy massages the body with sound and vibrations to reduce stress, assist with pain, relaxation, and more. Handmade Himalayan singing bowls are gently placed on the body (over clothes) and played. The client hears the beautiful rhythmic sounds and feels the soothing vibrations. 


*not suitable in pregnancy* not suitable for those with epilepsy 

1 hr


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Tarot Reading - In Person

Are you looking for some guidance and support in your life? Do you have questions that you'd like some clarity on? Are you simply intrigued by Tarot? Tarot reading is a form of divination that goes back hundreds of years. The cards assist in connecting me to my intuition, through archetypes and mythology, and help guide you on your life path. I won't sugar coat what I read, but I won't give you doom and gloom either. Expect truth bombs, insight, clarity, and support. 

1 hr



Sound Healing & Tarot Combo

Vibroacoustic sound massage, and tarot reading in the same session ( In person)

Half an hour Tarot Reading, followed by Vibroacoustic Therapy session. Get clarity and insight with tarot then have an hour of sound energy massage to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and reset. Self-care and self-love that you'll want to revisit time after time.

*not suitable in pregnancy* not suitable for those with epilepsy 

90 min



Couples Sound Bath

Attend as a couple or with your BFF and enjoy a sound bath together.

There's also an option to make this a combo, and enjoy personalised Tarot reading each, followed by a dreamy sound bath.

(£130 total, enquire for details)

1 hr


(£45 each person)