Work with me

Online and in person sessions.

In person sessions held at Healing Space Hackney, 38 Chatsworth rd E5 0LP


Inner peace healing session

  • Relax, rejuvenate, energetically refresh.

  • Facilitates better sleep.

  • A powerful session.

  • Tarot reading & shamanic journeying/ healing for support & guidance. 

  • Sound healing experience where I clear out, balance & cleanse your energy (your chakras), then a dreamy sound bath.

  • Online session Via Zoom

1 hr 30 min



Inner Peace Sound Massage 

  • In person healing.

  • A massage on a cellular level. 

  • You've heard of a sound bath - this is a sound jacuzzi!!

  • An hour of blissful tranquility. 

  • A full body healing with sound & vibrations to reduce stress, assist with pain, relaxation, & more. Handmade singing bowls are gently placed on the body (over clothes) & played. You hear the beautiful rhythmic sounds & feel the soothing vibrations.

  • Great for physical, emotional and energetic relaxation & better sleep.

1 hr



Couples Sound Bath

  • Attend as a couple or with your BFF and enjoy a sound bath together. (In person session)

  • Starting with meditation, then an intimate sound immersion where bowls are played around you both, but also placed on you for deep healing.

  • Part 1-2-1, part group session.

  • A great way to bond with a loved one.

  • Option to add a reading for each person

1 hr


1 hr 30



Solaris Tarot Reading

  • An hour of dedicated tarot reading (via Zoom or in person) where we focus on one subject or area of your life.

  • Perfect for in depth guidance & support. Helps clear & clarify the mind

  • This session incorporates sound healing to help clear the mind, plus clairvoyant messages for extra support and guidance.

1 hr



Energetic Reset

  • 2 Inner peace healing sessions

  • 1 Shamanic Healing Session

  • Deep, Intense & nourishing healing to leave you feeling energetically reset

  • Sound healing, Chakra healing, Tarot readings & Shamanic healing

  • Online Sessions Via Zoom

  • Schedule your first session via the link below, together will will schedule the final 2 sessions

Pay in Full £240 or

2 x Payments of £123


Shamanic Healing Session

  • Deep energetic & spiritual healing.

  • I find & clear the root cause of your issues  leaving you feeling lighter, happier & free.

  • A powerful session.

  • Can include: Past life, Ancestral healing, removal of blockages, Chakra clearing, Psychic Surgery, Soul Retrieval & more.

  • I work with Spirit to facilitate deep healing & offer you guidance.

  • Online session Via Zoom or in person.

1 hr 30 min



Voice Note Tarot Reading

  • A Tarot card reading sent over voice note. (Whatsapp) (About 30/40 mins worth of reading)

  • Perfect for those niggly questions, or if you're in a funk and would love a pick me up. 

  • When I get the request I schedule it depending on what is already in my diary. 

  • I will ask for your mobile number, what app you prefer, if you have an intention, subject or question you'd like to explore.



Inner Peace Sound Massage Combo

  • Sound healing, and tarot reading in the same session (In person)​

  • Half an hour Tarot Reading, followed by Inner Peace Sound Massage AKA the sound jacuzzi!

  • Get clarity and insight with tarot then have an hour of sound energy massage to leave you feeling lighter, calmer and nourished to the core. 

  • A full body healing with sound & vibrations to reduce stress, assist with pain, relaxation, better sleep & more. 

1 hr 30 min



Reiki Sound Healing

  • Sit back and relax whilst you receive Reiki (Universal Life force energy) 

  • Balance, clear, & cleanse your chakras.

  • Online Session, I can do this in person too - option avail soon.

  • Great for relaxation, nourishing healing & support.

  • Incorporates sound healing for the full healing immersion.

1 hr