Sound Bath


A Sound Bath is the literal state of being bathed in sound. Clients comfortably lie wrapped in blankets whilst the sound surrounds them, soothes them and restores their natural rhythm and energy.


For the Solaris Sound Bath, I create a beautiful and unique sound with my set of handmade Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks. I often work with additional instruments such as Shamanic Medicine drum, Ting-shaw Tibetan bells and a Kalimba to help create a calming atmosphere.


The powerful sounds, frequencies and vibrations are used to treat many ailments including anxiety, insomnia, relief from trauma, muscle tension, stress, can give mental clarity and balance body and mind - but also just some well needed relaxation and day-to-day wellbeing.


The beauty of sound baths is that they are equally beneficial even when they are not experienced in person (we just require a good quality video link and audio). In today’s world, this can be wonderful when stuck at home and craving some rejuvenation and relaxation!


Guided Meditation & Visualisation


I include guided meditation & imagery as an additional element to the Solaris Sound Bath. The mind is a powerful tool and when in a state of meditation it can lead the way to relaxation, healing and even manifesting the life of your dreams!


Visualisation can take you on a beautiful journey and help connect you to another dimension. This can be truly beneficial to help you set intentions, connect you with your future self or ease you to a dream state before experiencing sacred sound.


Astrology & Moon Cycles


I grew up understanding the languages and energies of astrology and moon cycles - they are embedded in my soul. In my sound baths I often include information on current astrology and moon phases. When we connect to the universe on a planetary level, and become aware of the energies that are affecting us, we gain insight into our world on a multilevel way. Maybe you felt extra sensitive on the day you attended my sound bath - and when I inform you that the moon has been in Cancer (the energy of emotion and sensitivity) perhaps it will connect the dots for you - and even lift the heaviness you’ve been feeling!

I hold sound bath workshops via zoom,

& in person in London

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Tarot Reading


The Mythic Tarot (Juliet Sharman- Burke and Liz Green), is a traditional deck based on Greek Mythology. At 8 years old, on a trip to Greece, I was taught about Tarot and Greek Mythology by my mother, with these cards. They have been on a journey with me and I am very tightly connected to them. Tarot assists in connecting me to my intuition, through archetypes and mythology, and is another tool I work with in our sessions to help guide you on your life path.


Would you like a sound bath included in your upcoming retreat, event, or special day such as a birthday?


I offer in-person and virtual sessions for private hire and can create a special session that suits your healing needs for you and your guests. Get in touch for more details!

Moon Ceremonies & Sharing Circles


I create distinctive ceremonies and rituals to celebrate and welcome in special moon phases and seasons (such as the Equinox). Full moon and new moons are particularly fabulous times for creating rituals and are a great group energy and community to become a part of.


Women have been coming together for thousands of years to share and support each other. Women’s Sharing Circles are a beautiful moment to incorporate sound healing and I enjoy creating specialised sessions for these groups. When we open up and share our thoughts, hopes, fears and life’s experiences, we can hold each other and create a safe and sacred space. This can be extremely cathartic and healing - especially in modern times when we have so many plates to juggle and stress can take its toll on our mental health.