Use your Voice

A 3 session 1-2-1 course that clears blockages in your body & energy field, brings you emotional connection and paves the way for you to channel your higher self. 


Clear your physical, emotional & spiritual channel so you can express your higher self.

Let me ask you...

Would you like to feel more alive in your body?

To be more connected to yourself physically & spiritually?

What if I told you that you are able to channel your higher self / spirit guides / angels / cosmic beings whilst being connected to your emotions & letting go of the baggage left by trauma?

How would it feel to understand your emotions, where they come from and how to harness them so you can feel them- but then release them?

Then let me show you how...

Light language is a form of communication that bypasses the logical mind and connects directly to your soul.


It's a healing modality in itself, and for the past 6 months I have been incorporating it into my healing practice.

Light language can come in many different forms - such as:

Spoken word (can sound like a foreign language), in song & melody, symbols, codes, hand signals (and more) - its a form of expression.

When I channel light language, its my soul connecting and communicating with your soul on a deep and high level. There can be healing, activation, remembrance, transference of energy - as examples. 

It comes down to the intention I have when expressing this beautiful form of healing, and what you need in that moment. 

When you come for a Shamanic Healing, I will incorporate light language in some form.

But what if I told you that you have the capacity to channel light language yourself?

Channeling is not reserved for the few, but available to all. However, it usually takes some work to get you to a place where your mind, body & spirit can facilitate this type of healing expression.

Your body and your soul is a vessel for energy, and most of us have blockages in our bodies which stops the flow of energy that's required to be able to channel & bring through light language.

I am creating a new offering for healers, coaches, Starseeds, light warriors and anyone looking to take themselves to the next level of transformation & spiritual ascension.

The process I take you through will be a combination of embodiment practices, sound healing, shamanic healing and energy harnessing.

Benefits include:

  • Becoming energised instead of tired & sluggish

  • Releases you from mental, physical & emotional blocks

  • Can shift physical pain and ailments

  • Clears away emotional overwhelm

  • Connects you to yourself on a deeper level

  • Gives you insight into root causes of challenges & issues

  • Facilitating emotional connection & freedom within yourself

  • Helps you to feel lighter & brighter

  • Aids better sleep

  • Gives you the space to feel more joy & bliss

  • Paves the way for you to express light language & other forms of spiritual channeling.

This course is currently being offered in a 1-2-1 basis, so you can get a deep & personal transformation. So I can clear your chakras, physical body & energy field to help carry you into the next stage of your personal ascension. 

3 x 90 minute sessions over Zoom (or in person depending on location)

This course of 3 in depth sessions clears your internal path of all the debris collected from this lifetime and past incarnations so you can feel more alignment, 


The Investment:


£ 444

Option to pay in two parts of £222

The schedule for Emotional Mastery course classes

Class one: Root Chakra: Thurs 13th October 7:30pm-9pm

Class two: Sacral Chakra: Thurs 27th October 7:30- 9pm

Class three: Solar Plexus Chakra: Thurs 10th November 7:30- 9pm

Class four: Heart Chakra: Thurs 24th November 7:30- 9pm

Class Five: Throat Chakra: Thurs 8th December 7:30- 9pm

Class Six: Third Eye Chakra: Thurs 22nd December 7:30- 9pm

Class Seven: Crown Chakra: Thurs 5th January 7:30- 9pm

Class Eight (Gold Tier): Earth & Star Chakra: Thurs 19th January 7:30- 9pm


Hello Beautiful light being, I'm Tasha.

As a spiritual healer I help people who are no longer willing to be held back by their stuck emotions and past baggage to be guided through an alchemical healing journey that clears out energetic density and shows them how to live a life full of freedom.

I was plagued by anxiety, stress and low self esteem in my own life. Like many people, I thought an exuberant life was reserved for other people, until I found sound healing and Shamanism and reconnected with my lifelong love of tarot reading and astrology.

The process I take my clients through mirrors what I experienced, which is why I am so committed to spreading the message that living with inner peace IS possible.

When I learnt that a deep distrust with myself was keeping me from living harmoniously I dedicated my life to helping the open-minded and spiritually curious to heal and facilitate their emotional, energetic and spiritual freedom, so they can claim their own power back.

Client testimonials:

"I worked with Tasha for a period of 6 months and her work has completely transformed my life. I was feeling incredibly anxious with terrible self esteem issues caused by deep rooted trauma. Tasha virtually held my hand and took each step with me; Helping me to release previous trauma, forgive myself and heal. She has bought me back to life." 

Emily Williams

"Tasha held me in a safe & welcoming space that invited surrender into each of our sessions together. Her intuitive approach combined with her wisdom, generosity & nurturance created a unique & powerful experience. Each sound bath was rich with layers of energetic healing, & the voice activation practice liberated my throat chakra. It was unforgettable & transformative sound healing journey"

Rebecca Moore


Q: Do I need to know anything about chakras to join this course?

A: No, you do not need to know anything about chakras prior to this course, & you also can have knowledge of chakras & wish to deepen your connection to yourself.

Q: What if I miss the live calls?

A: Each class is recorded and sent out afterwards, so you can rest assured you will not miss out.

Q: Does this course include sound healing?

A: Yes, you will receive clearing and sound baths in class and as additional videos to watch in your own time.

Q: What if I change my mind and want to go Gold later on?

A: If you want to go Gold later on, you will be able to add it on as an additional, reach out to me for details

Q: What's the Telegram app group all about?

A: It's a space where you can share how you are in between classes, ask questions and discuss what you've learnt & how you feel (it is a course about emotions after all). I will be available Monday - Friday between 11am - 4pm if you have questions and i'll be popping in the group to offer journal prompts, affirmations & other nuggets throughout the week.

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