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Alchemy Healing  Experience

An 8 session Shamanic & sound healing journey of self-discovery through the energy centres of the body to reclaim your true power in feeling, learn emotional mastery and live life in your most empowered state.


Feel in harmony with your own energy & emotions, reconnect to your light...

Feel freedom in your everyday life!

Let me ask you...

Do you dream of a quiet mind? Instead of the constant chatter and negative self talk?

To be more connected to yourself physically & spiritually?

 Do you desire to feel your whole nervous system to be in a deep state of relaxation & nourishment? 


To feel like you've shifted the internal blocks holding you back?

Then let me show you how...

The Alchemy Healing Experience Is an 8 session shamanic & sound healing journey of self-discovery through the energy centres of the body to reclaim your true power in feeling, learn emotional mastery and live life in your most empowered state.

"Blown away with how at calm I feel after my healing with Tasha. The sound healing was so beautiful and moving, it helped me release so much of the negative energy I was holding onto." Carly C

This healing process finds the root cause of your anxiety and challenges, which then leads to releasing the blocks so you can live a full life of joy, emotional freedom and inner peace. 

I will help you find your light, your voice and connection to your soul. I will help you reconnect to your own body and energy system via your chakras. Together we will work on unblocking each area with dedication and love.

Through shamanic practice, sound healing, Reiki & your own personal frequency, we work on clearing all blockages in the chakras, and the ripple effect of this is that you feel lighter, clearer and excited about life, instead of the heaviness of negativity bearing down on you.

The structure of this healing process reaches emotional and psychic depths whilst holding the physical body in a warm, sensual and loving embrace.

"I have been for a shamanic healing I am so totally blown

away I felt the sensations from my chakras and out to my inner soul!" Emma K

The Alchemy healing Experience gives a wonderful recalibration to your mind, body, soul and energy body.

I work in great detail, devotion, compassion, love and dedication, to leave no stone unturned so that you can feel clear, energised yet calm with a sense of inner peace.

So, how would it feel to actually be able to release negative energy that you’ve been holding onto?

This release paves the way for you being less reactive in relationships, not taking everything so personally.

An outcome of this process is Improved physical health.

Stuck emotions lead to dis-ease in the body, which leads to physical ailments, so when we work with, not against our emotions our health will have a positive impact.

Clearing the way for a life that gives you freedom, flow and ease.

Are you ready to feel in alignment with your true nature, and lovingly work in harmony with your emotions?

Let me take you there!

The Alchemy Healing Experience

What's included?

You get:

  • 7 deep healing sessions focusing on a different chakras & parts of the body, clearing energy physically whist receiving shamanic healing, Reiki & sacred sound healing.

  • 8th & final session: meditation & Sound Bath for integration.

  • Embodiment - Unblocking stuck energy within you.

  • Take away techniques to use for a lifetime. 

  • Past life clearance.

  • Ancestral healing.

  • Light Language healing.

  • Soul Retrieval.

  • Psychic surgery.

  • Entity removal.

  • Journeying to your Akashic records.

  • Chakra clearing & balancing.

  • Tarot reading woven into the sessions.

The Investment:


£ 680

If you want to pay for each session individually the total price will be £760.
£95 per session.


Hello Beautiful light being, I'm Tasha.

As a spiritual healer I help people who are no longer willing to be held back by their stuck emotions and past baggage to be guided through an alchemical healing journey that clears out energetic density and shows them how to live a life full of freedom.

I was plagued by anxiety, stress and low self esteem in my own life. Like many people, I thought an exuberant life was reserved for other people, until I found sound healing and Shamanism and reconnected with my lifelong love of tarot reading and astrology.

The process I take my clients through mirrors what I experienced, which is why I am so committed to spreading the message that living with inner peace IS possible.

When I learnt that a deep distrust with myself was keeping me from living harmoniously I dedicated my life to helping the open-minded and spiritually curious to heal and facilitate their emotional, energetic and spiritual freedom, so they can claim their own power back.

Client testimonials:

"I worked with Tasha for a period of 6 months and her work has completely transformed my life. I was feeling incredibly anxious with terrible self esteem issues caused by deep rooted trauma. Tasha virtually held my hand and took each step with me; Helping me to release previous trauma, forgive myself and heal. She has bought me back to life." 

Emily Williams

"Tasha held me in a safe & welcoming space that invited surrender into each of our sessions together. Her intuitive approach combined with her wisdom, generosity & nurturance created a unique & powerful experience. Each sound bath was rich with layers of energetic healing, & the voice activation practice liberated my throat chakra. It was unforgettable & transformative sound healing journey"

Rebecca Moore

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